luke mcgregor

front end developer

Skills & Competencies

Commercial Experience

React Native Developer (contract) // Santander UK
Oct 2020 - present

Working with a strong team of developers I helped build a new SME Business Banking app using React Native and xstate for Santander. As a progressive financial institution there was a core focus on accessibility and automated testing using Appium

React Native Developer (contract) // You.i TV
Oct 2018 - Oct 2020

At You.i I joined a team delivering a React Native app, running on You.i's proprietary engine that was launched on AppleTV, Roku, AndroidTV and Amazon Fire devices, we were a world first React-Native app on the Roku platform.

Senior Front End Developer - React (contract/remote) // Harness Property Intelligence Ltd
May 2017 - Oct 2018

At Harness I was tasked with rebuilding the front end in to a new design using React as the framework. The new site was configured to prebuild pages using React on Rails and pass in props from a PHP backend which the UI would use to render the current page.

Senior Front End Developer - React (contract) // Rightmove
Feb 2017 - May 2017

Using React, Redux, Sagas and Flowtype we produced the first prototype of a new product for Rightmove. The project was run agilely in one week sprints with frequent planning and review meetings. This allowed the project priorities to be changed frequently without affecting development.

Senior Front End Developer - React (contract) // Syzygy
Sep 2017 - Feb 2017

At Syzygy I worked on bringing the final stage of Mazda's new site to fruition. Using React, Alt.js, Webpack 3 and CSS Modules to create a CMS editable site powered by the modularity of React.

Senior Front End Developer - React (contract) // The Bio Agency
Aug 2017 - Sep 2017

At The Bio Agency I led a team of 3 developers working on the Booking journey for Haven Holiday's new site. The build was a React/Redux build along with ES6 abstract JS modules and atomic design principles to produce a flexible, modular website, that was fully content-manageable using a content API integration.

Senior Front End Developer - React (contract) // Space66
May 2017 - Aug 2017

At Space66 I worked as part of a team using React, Redux, Google Maps APIs and TypeScript. I began a greenfield project collaborating with the clients in house team, bringing experience and expertise to help build a slick modern site. We used the latest technologies to produce a 'best in class' website for the client.

Front End Developer (contract) // Stadion
Mar 2017 - May 2017

At Stadion I rebuilt the Stadion client site, helped make NUFC's new site accessible and built Bournemouth FC's new site from scratch.

Senior front end developer // Aqueduct
Aug 2015 - Mar 2017

At Aqueduct I lead front end production and produce responsive, innovative sites for a number of big clients, such as Lloyds of London and Sunderland AFC. I code review for contractors and the junior front end developer, and I consult and estimate on all projects for which the company pitches.

Since Aqueduct previously used only contract developers, working here has taught me to quickly pick up work developed by others and code in a variety of JS frameworks. Furthermore, I helped the company to standardise future site structure and development stack by creating a custom Yeoman generator.

Senior front end developer // Squiz UK
Jan 2015 - July 2015
Front end developer // Squiz UK
Feb 2013 - July 2015
As Front End Developer I am responsible for delivering high quality, responsive HTML, CSS and JS cut ups, and implementing them within the Matrix CMS in a way that is useable, configurable and extensible by clients. I also work on building new sections of functionality on existing client sites, training clients in implementation best practices and building stand-alone JavaScript applications for recurring functionality (such as sliders or lightboxes).
Aug 2010 - Sept 2012
At the University of Nottingham I was responsible for enabling the use of the Contensis CMS by staff across the institute. This included: building reusable template structures with HTML and CSS; mocking up bespoke sites with Adobe Photoshop; developing bespoke functionalities within the CMS with JS and PHP; and providing CMS training and help desk support.


Key projects

Aqueduct FC App

Between major client projects I researched and built a simple prototype app using React Native to test it's viability for producing a football app. The app's functionality would include, latest news and videos, live scores and notifications.

Key skills

  • React Native
  • Ably/Pubnub

Yeoman project generator

In order to ensure that all projects have a consistent structure and can be set up quickly I created a Yeoman generator. The generator will with one command, create the necessary folder structure, copy over a relevant package JSON and gulp (or grunt) file and run the install commands. This allows all developers to be working with same file structure meaning switching projects is seamless and quick.

Key skills

  • yeoman
  • gulp
  • grunt

Sunderland AFC rebuild

Sunderland AFC were looking to relaunch their site in 2016 with a fully mobile-first approach enabling fans to get to the latest stories in real-time from any device. Using agile methodologies and working closely with both the back end developers, design team and UX/Strategy the project as become a benchmark for how a collaborative project can produce great quality work. The front end site uses grunt, assemble, requirejs and stylus

Key skills

  • grunt
  • assemble
  • requireJS
  • stylus

Lloyd's of London responsive website

Lloyd's of London had been a client of Aqueduct for a number of years, however the site had not been redesigned for approximately 4 years. Working with an external design agency we migrated and reskinned the Lloyd's site in to a new more responsive framework, that also made it easier to keep up to date.

Key skills

  • grunt
  • assemble
  • requireJS
  • stylus

Tipp24 lottery proof of concept

The task was to produce an example of how a fully integrated, online lottery site could be built using the Matrix CMS. As this was a proof of concept the majority of the work was focussed on the look and feel of the front end interaction, specifically the user journeys and responsive aspects of the site. I used Angular JS to build a re-usable lottery application that could accept user entry at multiple points of different user journeys. Its functionality included the ability to select a number from a range, add new rows, and calculate a total cost of purchase based on the completed rows (pre-defined from a GET /global variable). It also saved selections for users while they logged in or created an account.

Key skills

  • Angular
  • SASS
  • requireJS

ORR responsive website

The ORR (Office of Rail Regulation) requested a fully responsive site on which their developers could expand. Working with one other Front End Developer, I built a modular/flexible SASS stylesheet (based on a mix of SMACSS and BEM methodologies). This allowed for quicker writing of cut ups and their implementation within the Matrix CMS, as well as simplifying expansion of the site for ORR’s developers. The client was delighted with the outcome, and the modular elements of our code have been reused in new projects.

Key skills

  • Handlebars
  • SASS
  • Browserify

Freelance work

Dance ‘Til Dawn // Adam Spiegel Productions
In advance of their latest show Dance 'til Dawn, Adam Spiegel Productions asked for a site to be built based on a previous show's information architecture and basic layout but within the Dance 'til Dawn branding. The site was built in Wordpress to allow their marketing team to update shows and content. This required the creation of two custom post types, Tour Dates and Gallery slides, both had bespoke custom metadata attached that meant it was simple and easy to keep the website up to date. The final site was built using bootstrap which allowed for a responsive version to be implemented quickly and efficiently.